Printed lathe parts online

Since I posted a video of my 3D printed lathe on YouTube, the video has now been viewed over 100,000 times. If a typical working day is 8 hours, and the working year is 250 days or so, then it’s the equivalent of about two solid years of someone watching it. That’s not a job I’d want.


Anyway, a number of people have asked for the STL files so they could make one themselves. I’ve finally got them in some sort of order, and you can now download a zip file with them all from here [wpdm_package id=’423′].

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

2 Replies to “Printed lathe parts online”

  1. Hi, nice project my friend.
    is it possible to get the source file for some modifications ? but anyway, nice project 🙂

  2. Hi Peter. I came across this video on Youtube. This little 3D printed lathe is awesome!

    I want to try and 3D print a camera adjusting device using a similar adjustment method. I wonder if you might publish some step files of the lathe so I can examine it for some inspiration.

    Are the silversteel rods just pressfit into the plastic?


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