Something for the weekend, Sir?

I love the smell of solder fumes in the morning.

Raw materials for my 3D printer keep arriving.  It’s not surprising, as I keep ordering them, but it is fun.  I’ve now received the aluminium extrusions I’m going to use for the vertical posts in my design.  I ordered them from a place in Surrey, and was a amused to watch their delivery progress on the UPS website.  Amused, because they started their journey in Austria, stopped off in Germany, then briefly visited Barking, Tamworth and Dewsbury before ending up in Hull.  And I thought I was ordering from the UK.  Never mind, I’m now the proud possessor of three 1-meter lengths of extrusion, which looks like this (the penny is just for scale):


A carriage (to be printed by Rob) will run up and down each of these posts, and will be linked to the print head by parallelogram arms.  I really must post an image of the design soon.

One metre length doesn’t sound much, but I have a suspicion that this printer is going to end up quite big.  This weekend’s tasks are to (1) cut the base and top of the assembly out of nice stiff plywood and (2) to assemble the RAMPS kit which will control the stepper motors.  It’ll be nice to get soldering again. 


The kit is very well packaged and looks a doddle to make, so it shouldn’t take long.  Once it’s up and running, I’ll put some firmware (probably Marlin) on to the Arduino and see if I can get it to drive the stepper motors.  Watch this space.  Unless you have better things to do, which I really hope you have.

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