Jumping Jack Flash

It’s a gas, gas, gas…

OK, so the title’s rubbish.  I’m open to suggestions for a better one which includes the word ‘gas’ or ‘meter’.  Except the Beatles song ‘From me to you’, of course, because that would be a dreadful pun.  And so to the point, which is that this blog post talks about using Gadgeteer kit to periodically read a gas meter, and send the data to a server for further use.

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Tracking fast moving targets with a Gadgeteer camera…

…is completely impractical.

In my last post, I briefly described a simple hack which allowed the Gadgeteer system to control the bearing and azimuth of an old USB missile launcher by using a joystick.  Manual control like this is all very well, but it would be much more entertaining if the systems could track a target automatically before raining down atomic retribution on it.  I use the words ‘would be’ advisedly, because as we shall see this is fairly impractical with the Gadgeteer kit I have to hand.  Even so, there’s a lot to be learned from the process of trying.

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